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Good morning, Buffalo Sabres fans. Today’s another off day for the Sabres, though many fans are waking up this morning happy that the Arizona Coyotes defeated the Detroit Red Wings last night, 5-4 in overtime. The win puts the Coyotes five points ahead of the Sabres, somewhat cushioning the Sabres’ slot in 30th. Of course, all eyes will really be on the next few games as the Sabres and ‘Yotes face off twice in the coming days, starting with tomorrow’s game.

Speaking of tomorrow, there will be at least one familiar face in the building to watch the Sabres vs. Coyotes game: former long-time Buffalo general manager Darcy Regier.

According to an article published by The Buffalo News, Regier is planning on attending Thursday’s game.

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Is this supposed to be surprising? I wasn’t at all shocked when I heard the news. After all, Regier was a part of the Sabres organization for 17 seasons, and now his new team is “fighting” with his old team in the battle for last place. Even without the close proximity in the standings, it would make sense for Regier to want to visit his old city; the fact that the teams ARE so close in the standings just makes it that more interesting.

I say, eat your heart out, Darcy.

The “…. seriously?” read of the morning for Sabres fans is this article from Forbes.

You might be asking — but the Sabres made Forbes, why is it a joke? Take one look at the headline (though hopefully they’ll fix it): “The Buffalo Sabers [sic] Are Truly Terrible on Purpose But Sadly It Might Not Matter.”

I can’t fault the writer, who correctly spells Sabres in the piece, but fault whoever the web editor is for that complete and utter fail of a headline. You really couldn’t be bothered to double-check the spelling of a team name and put it correctly in your headline? I shake my head at you, sir or madam.

In other news, NHL security is intervening in a case that saw New York Islanders defenseman Nick Leddy getting threats via Twitter.

According to the Newsday piece, a Twitter user posted photos of Leddy’s driver’s license and credit card and made “violent threats” against him. Nassau County police and the FBI have been contacted, as well as the NHL.

Apparently this isn’t the first time that user had harassed or threatened Leddy, and enough was enough. People, please be conscious of what you’re using social media for. While it can be a great thing, used for communication, building relationships, etc., it can also turn sour if put into the wrong hands, as it was in this case, and it’s unfortunate that it had to get to a point where security intervenes, but good on the NHL and the Islanders for taking it seriously.

In other news this morning, from USA Today, Canada is about to take over the NHL playoffs.

As it stands right now, five Canadian teams would make the NHL playoffs if a) the season ended today or b) the standings remain the same. Compare that to just one Canadian team making the playoffs last season, and it’s quite an improvement.

The lone outsiders are Edmonton and Toronto. Ottawa, currently filling the last wild card spot, is on the cusp of the playoffs and need a strong showing the rest of the year to make the final cut.

Finally, Bleacher Report this morning ranks every NHL team’s top line. Check it out to see where they ranked the Sabres line of Tyler Ennis, Matt Moulson and Johan Larsson.

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