Buffalo Sabres Draft Lottery Odds: Game Day Of The Season


It all doesn’t boil down to this game tonight for the Buffalo Sabres, but interestingly enough, a game between the Sabre and the Coyotes this late in the season has some bearing on the end of the season standings and could affect a teams future.  Whatever team ends up in second place, could find themselves settling for third as opposed to grabbing first or second.

A win in regulation for the Coyotes means the lead increases to seven.  A win in overtime for the Coyotes pushes the lead to only six.

A win in regulation for the Buffalo Sabres brings the lead back down to three.  A win in overtime/shootout scenarios makes the lead four points.

Here are your draft lottery standings as of March 26th.

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How are you looking at tonight’s game.  There is a lot of talk about how fans should be reacting to tonight’s game, and how fans in attendance should react.  It isn’t the end of the world if the Sabres win tonight, but a loss is definitely more helpful in the standings!

Your daily winner of the Draft Lottery Simulator – The New Jersey Devils.

There are a lot of other games in the NHL tonight, will 10 other games outside of the Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes.  Edmonton is off, so there isn’t an out of town scoreboard to watch.

Anaheim Ducks @ Boston Bruins

Anaheim is still chasing the top spot in the league in the regular season, and the Boston Bruins are looking to fight back into the playoff picture.

Los Angeles Kings @ New York Islanders

Are the Kings going to miss the playoffs?  They are only a couple of points out, but fans in Tinsel Town are in for a wild ride through the end of the season.

New Jersey Devils @ Washington Capitals

A trip to the playoffs is not secure for the Capitals as they are withing striking distance of teams looking to make the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Carolina Hurricanes

Pittsburgh is holding their own, but can’t afford to not get as many points as possible in the standings.

Florida Panthers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Florida could still make a run for eighth – and their opponent hasn’t won in six tries.  With Edmonton gaining points, could Toronto end up in the bottom three?

New York Rangers @ Ottawa Senators

The New York Rangers are beatable, and the Ottawa Senators are the hottest team in the NHL right now, having won their last seven games straight.

San Jose Sharks @ Detroit Red Wings

San Jose doesn’t have a lot of room for error with the schedule getting down to single digit games.  Detroit will be looking to rebound off their loss to the Coyotes in overtime.

Nashville Predators @ Tampa Bay Lightning

Two teams looking to gain points and surge to the top of their respective conferences.

Montreal Canadiens @ Winnipeg Jets

Montreal has the top spot in the East, and Winnipeg looking to hold on to a playoff spot.

Colorado Avalanche @ Vancouver Canucks

The schedule is getting thin for Colorado.

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