Buffalo Sabres Pregame Versus Colorado Avalanche


The Buffalo Sabres are facing off tonight against the Colorado Avalanche as they hope to recoup from the ugly loss suffered on home ice a few nights ago. Of course the loss itself wasn’t the biggest sting to the players, but the ridiculous fan reactions to the goals against (especially the overtime goal). Hopefully the team has put this behind them and will move on to look for a fantastic effort from everyone tonight.

Partick Roy has had a tough time putting together the miracle that he put on the ice last season for the Colorado Avalanche, and Sabres fans can expect them to be revved up and firing on all cylinders to come out with a win. They know that their shot at the playoffs this year are slim to none, so Roy will have every single one of his players fighting for their jobs for the remainder of the season.

Sabres Scope

The Buffalo Sabres have been showing signs of progress towards the end of the season, and that is promising for any fans that want some winning at the end of the season and next season. Leading the front of the development of everyone is Captain Brian Gionta. He has gone through an amazing career and is now hoping to be a part of the future development of the younger players here.

Gionta has been one of the more consistent scorers for the Sabres as of late, and the fact that he was skating on a line with Mikhail Grigorenko the last few games is an idea that warms my heart. Grigorenko has struggled in most of his call ups this season, but recently he has a new fire inside of him that is catching Ted Nolan‘s eye and mine as well. Brian Gionta will be on the Sabres first line tonight, but don’t be surprised if the Sabres second line throws in a goal or two tonight and Grigorenko is the primary asset to those goals.

Yes the motto of the year is to lose as many games as possible, but let’s not forget that these players are still fighting for their jobs next season, so personally, a full blown effort from the entire team is exactly what is need for the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

Avalanche Scope

Former Flames Captain and living legend Jarome Iginla is one of the leading catalysts for the offense in Colorado. He signed with the club in the offseason because they had a playoff promise and a young core of players that had proven their promise to be more then hype.

As the Aves sit near the bottom of the western conference standings, he still pushes on to prove that he is just as skilled as ever and is able to lead in every way possible. He is the player the Sabres players need to keep tabs on tonight; him and Captain Gabriel Landeskog.

Landeskog is the cog in the ultimate Avalanche machine that keeps the entire team moving and motivated. The Sabres will have to slow him down and make his presence less noticeable throughout the night.


I Think the Aves have an obvious advantage in this game, but if the Buffalo Sabres players have forgotten the embarrassment that happened at First Niagara Center a few night ago, they will be able to churn out a win tonight by a score of 3-2. Despite not having Tyler Ennis in the lineup, the Sabres still have enough skill to put up three goals against an Avalanche team that has terrible puck possession.

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