Buffalo Sabres Draft Lottery Odds: Four Losses Locks Up Last Place


The Buffalo Sabres only need to lose four times in their remaining games to be ensured the last place overall in the standings and the best change at either the number one or number two spot in the draft.  If they lose tonight in regulation, they only need two more such losses.

The end of one of the most painful rides is almost over.  The New Jersey Devils were officially eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night, so the list of teams with a shot at getting in is growing smaller.  Here are your draft lottery standings for Monday, March 30th, 2015.

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The Draft Lottery is now just over two weeks away, and for teams not making the playoffs, this year the biggest prize will be handed out on April 18th.  So here is our chance at seeing who the winner of the 2015 Draft Lottery is.  Today’s simulation winner is the Columbus Blue Jackets, moving up from number seven to number one.

Not a real full night of games on the table, but plenty of action for both those people watching the playoff standings as well as the draft lottery standings.

Tampa Bay Lightning @ Montreal Canadiens

Montreal has clinched a playoff spot and right now sit in the top spot in the East, but Tampa Bay is nipping at their heels.  Montreal still has something to play for as they are tied with Nashville for the top spot in the League.

Vancouver Canucks @ St. Louis Blues

A battle of number twos.  The second place team in both the Central and Pacific divisions take tot he ice to try and seal the playoff picture for their cities.

Los Angeles Kings @ Chicago Blackhawks

What should be a Western Conference Final matchup could be the last time these two teams meet this season.  Don’t sleep on the Los Angeles Kings just yet though, their schedule is in their favor, they play Edmonton twice  in six days in April.

Calgary Flames @ Dallas Stars

Calgary is in, Calgary is out, right now, Calgary holds one of the remaining wild card spots in the Western Conference, but I don’t think they will be there when the regular season comes to a close.  Dallas has only six games left to bridge that gap, and might be getting the ax as far as the post season is concerned real soon.

Edmonton Oilers @ Colorado Avalanche

Colorado is further down in the standings than Dallas, so the gong keeper is warming up for several hits ushering in the loss of hope for a franchise, but Edmonton isn’t a pushover at this point, having won two in a row.

Buffalo Sabres @ Arizona Coyotes

The Sabres made national headlines last week when their fans cheered a goal and a victory in their own building last week when the Arizona Coyotes were in town.  They won’t have the distraction of a home crowd looking for last place, and a regulation loss in the desert could really help their chances.

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