Buffalo Sabres TV Listings: Coyotes Host Sabres


In the six point difference between two teams, the Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes are at it again. In their second showdown in less than a week, is the outcome going to be the same? Or will Buffalo and Arizona climb closer together in the standings?

Currently, the Buffalo Sabres have a hold on last place with 48 points and the Coyotes are next with 52 points. With a Coyotes win, that will almost entirely ensure a last place finish, depending on how Buffalo also finishes the year.

Should they lose, Buffalo would need to pull points in five of six games to finish off the season. Buffalo has seven games left, including tonight and Arizona has one less game remaining, including tonight.

But how does one fan look at tonights matchup other than just two bottom scrapers going head to head in underwhelming fashion? Quick answer, you see the teams not for what they are, but what they will be.

Buffalo, as bad as they have been, still own a fairly decent, if not one of the top, prospect pool in all of the NHL.

So, for at least the rest of the season, get used to a lot of new names and names you wouldn’t expect to come up.

With Anders Lindback still fighting for his time as a starting netminder, he will see that action again, earning his slot in net again. Despite a win/loss column that could be drastically better, he has still held a decent tenure as the Sabres starter.

Buffalo owns a fairly solid line of prospects that have seen some time in Buffalo or

It’s not hard to remember the young gun in Samson Reinhart that will most likely crack the AHL when he turns 20.

In reality, he would have to get scratched a few games if the Sabres decided that he wouldn’t benefit from more time in the WHL and since he doesn’t turn 20 until partway into November, it isn’t actually a waste. Just a few games.

Given that we will likely secure either Jack Eichel or Connor McDavid, we could see a culmination of young talent that could even anchor the top line.

Throw in a healthy Tyler Ennis, Matt Moulson and Zemgus Girgensons and you have a prime first and second line to start the season.

Complement that with the likes of Johan Larsson, and you dip even further into a bigger skillset as you go through the lines.

Defensively, we have a defense that, yes, has massive inexperience other than this season, but with Rasmus Ristolainen and Nikita Zadorov emerging as a very chemical defensive pairing, the veteranship of Zach Bogosian and the tenacity of Josh Gorges when he is healthy and Buffalo suddenly only look 4-5 good pieces away from a playoff contending team.

When you are watching the game tonight and the rest of the season, don’t cheer for losses, cheer for what this team is being built towards. Tonight, cheer on those AHL players who are going through the grind to try and make an NHL roster spot.

They aren’t playing the best of hockey, but it

Root for Tim Murray knowing what he is doing. He may been bluffing tank for McEichel, but he is really gearing to take the draft and offseason in storm. He is all in, and whether or not the team likes it, they are playing with the short stack and hoping to pull a full house to bring their chip count up.

It’s a gamble, and with this season as good as done, Tim Murray will be gearing up for an interesting run of games and a long wait until the draft.

Tonights game will be featured on MSG-B and Bell TV for those in New York and Canada, respectively.

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For those tuning into the Glendale area, tonights game will be featured on Fox Sports Arizona! Also, download the Arizona Coyotes Official Mobile App on the same stores you would any other app!

Radio will broadcast off of WGR 550 AM in Buffalo and ESPN Phoenix 620 AM.

Tonights game will face off at 10 p.m. here in the Buffalo/Ontario, Canada region and 7 p.m. in Glendale.

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