Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015: GameSided Simulation


It is a magical time of the year, even though the Buffalo Sabres are not in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  For fans of the sport in general, playoff hockey brings about an increased product on the ice, as guys try and win the chance to lift the most prestigious trophy in all of teams sports.

It will be even more fun once the Buffalo Sabres return to playoff action.  The playoffs also bring out the simulator in all of us.  Speaking of simulator, since we are just days away from finding out who will win the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery, lets take a spin at the old NHL Lottery Simulator and see who wins the first overall pick in this years draft.

The 2015 first round draft pick goes to the Buffalo Sabres!  Maybe it is toying with our emotions this late in the game, but throughout the end of the season we were chasing that simulator, and very rarely did the Buffalo Sabres win the lottery.  With only a 20% chance of getting the first overall pick, my hopes are not up, but drafting second overall isn’t a bad consolation prize this year either.

So FanSided is much more than just sports, we have a whole slew of sites in our entertainment division as well, and one of those is GameSided, our video game website.  The geniuses over there at GameSided have run the 2015 playoff simulator and have decided through their method, that the 2015 Stanley Cup Champion will be the Winnipeg Jets!

Winnipeg Jets winning the Stanley Cup?  Despite the fact that I would love to see Tyler Myers get some success in his career, I think the Jets are a good hockey team, but no where near the caliber of team that can withstand the post season gauntlet.

Seriously, I kid you not.  You can see the whole breakdown of the simulation from the first round through the Stanley Cup finals here.  The simulation was done with NHL 15 from EA Sports for the XBox One.  I am wondering if there is anything different between simulating on the Microsoft platform versus the other next generation consoles?

There was only one series that ended in a sweep, and that was the Western Conference Finals.  In my honest opinion, I like the idea of no sweeps in the playoffs.  While they are really cool when it is your team completing the sweep and dominating an opponent, from an outsiders perspective, the more hockey that is played the better.

Of course if the Buffalo Sabres were involved, the path of least resistance to the Stanley Cup is preferred, so in a few years boys, sweep away!

Now this is just a simulation, and I don’t see the Chicago Blackhawks or Anaheim Ducks both getting knocked out in the first round.  In fact EA Sports ran their annual simulation, and the Anaheim Ducks defeated the New York Rangers.

Have you simulated the Stanley Cup Playoffs?  How did your simulation work out compared to that of GameSided?

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