Buffalo Sabres Betting Odds: 2016 Stanley Cup Final


The Buffalo Sabres still have a lot of work to do before they are going to be considered contenders or even favorites for the Stanley Cup.  But there are some people out there who will still put money on them to win it all – just out of the chance that the odds are in their favor and what a payout that would be if you wagered on the Buffalo Sabres to win it all.

Now, I am not a betting man – outside of a friendly wager with friends every now and then – but I have to disagree that the Buffalo Sabres are a 200/1 odd to win the Stanley Cup in 2016.

Certainly if they were not going to be any better next year I could see them sharing the same odds as the Arizona Coyotes who might still need some rebuilding time.

Even the Toronto Maple Leafs are given better odds according to the list published by My Top Sports Books at 100/1.  The Toronto Maple Leafs are still trying to put out their tire fire and get out from some big contracts – they still have some problems that need to be addressed.

Sure the early season odds aren’t really in any teams favor that didn’t do well last year.  If you are basing your odds solely on last years performance, then great – my team is going to surprise the hell out of you.  Here are the complete list of odds released:

Odds to win the 2016 Stanley Cup:

Chicago – 6/1

Anaheim – 8/1

New York Rangers – 8/1

Los Angeles – 10/1

Tampa Bay – 10/1

Minnesota – 12/1

Nashville – 12/1

Pittsburgh – 12/1

St. Louis – 12/1

Boston – 16/1

Montreal – 16/1

Washington – 16/1

New York Islanders – 20/1

Winnipeg – 20/1

Columbus – 30/1

Detroit – 30/1

Calgary – 40/1

Ottawa – 40/1

Vancouver – 50/1

Edmonton – 60/1

San Jose – 60/1

Colorado – 80/1

Dallas – 80/1

Florida – 80/1

Carolina – 100/1

New Jersey – 100/1

Philadelphia – 100/1

Toronto – 100/1

Arizona – 200/1

Buffalo – 200/1

Odds to win the 2015-2016 Hart Trophy:

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh) – 6/1

Alex Ovechkin (Washington) – 6/1

John Tavares (New York Islanders) – 6/1

Jonathan Toews (Chicago) – 12/1

Ryan Getzlaf (Anaheim)– 12/1

Claude Giroux (Philadelphia) – 12/1

Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay) – 12/1

Patrick Kane (Chicago) – 20/1

Tyler Seguin (Dallas) – 30/1

Connor McDavid (undrafted) – 75/1

Odds to meet in the 2016 Stanley Cup Final:

Chicago vs. New York Rangers – 25/2

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay – 17/1

Chicago vs. Pittsburgh – 20/1

Anaheim vs. New York Rangers – 22/1

Anaheim vs. Tampa Bay – 25/1

Now – don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying the Buffalo Sabres odds of winning the Stanley Cup should be anywhere near the teams that have been in the playoffs for the past two years, but I would liken our odds more to the teams that were sitting in the 9-11 spots in each division this past season.

This is of course taking into the account that they will have the second overall draft pick on their team next year, Evander Kane – and anything else that GM Tim Murray can get his hands on before the season opens up.

The Buffalo Sabres will be in on the draft lottery next year, but they won’t be in on the conversation of tanking, reaching for last place – but these early off season odds aren’t doing them any favors.

Your thoughts on the Buffalo Sabres odds for the Stanley Cup next season?  Maybe 200/1 is spot on – but they do stand a much better chance of making the playoffs this year than in the previous two years.

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