Buffalo Sabres History: Top Five Goaltenders

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Throughout Buffalo Sabres history, some forty-four players have suited up and tended net in at least one game for the team. Those 44 netminders range from Peter Skudra, who appeared on the ice for the Sabres for just 27 seconds in one game in his NHL career, to Ryan Miller, who played over 31,000 minutes with the Sabres.

Of those 44 goaltenders who suited up in the blue and gold (or the red and black, depending on what era we’re talking about here), who were the best?

Today, we’ll pick out five of the top goaltenders in Buffalo Sabres franchise history. These guys have been the best of the best in the net for the Sabres, often flying out of nowhere with incredible saves, stopping impossible shots, setting franchise and league records, and overall, doing what they do best.

Here they are — the top five goaltenders in Buffalo Sabres history.

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