Buffalo Sabres Season Opener: Which Players To Watch?

BUFFALO, NY - APRIL 05: Tomas Plekanec
BUFFALO, NY - APRIL 05: Tomas Plekanec /

The Buffalo Sabres are set to open their 2017-2018 season, and there is plenty of hype going into it. New players and new coaching are what will headline the action tonight.

As the Buffalo Sabres open up their season tonight, there will be a few players that fans should keep an eye out for. As there are some new faces from the off season ready to start, and a young stud of a center named Jack Eichel with a new contract, there will be plenty of high expectations going into the opening face-off. Here are a few players to keep an eye on.

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Nathan Beaulieu was originally acquired from the Montreal Canadiens in the off season for a third round pick, and it so happens that his first game as a Buffalo Sabre will be against his former team. Fans should expect him to be playing hard, and  to be ready to prove that he can be a much steadier blue liner in the blue and gold than he was for the Canadiens. He is confirmed for the opening night roster, so this should make for some good old fashioned fun.

Jack Eichel signed his new 8 year $80M contract extension yesterday and he now has something to prove. With a contract rivaling the likes of Patrick Kane ($10.5M AAV) and slightly less than Connor McDavid ($12.5M AAV) he should be out for blood tonight against the Canadiens. His point production was solid for his games played last year, but he needs to come firing right out of the gate in order for fans to not get bent out of shape over the dollar amount.

Last up is Robin Lehner, who is set to start the year in goal for the Buffalo Sabres, and his one year deal means he has something to prove to GM Botterill. Lehner had a solid season last year and he should be looking to build on it. Consistency is key for his game, and maybe making at least ONE SAVE in the shootout this year would help (sorry, I love Lehner, but I can’t get over that stat from last year). Sabres fans have been on Lehner’s case since he got here, and tonight would be a good chance to show himself off.

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The Buffalo Sabres 2017-2018 season starts tonight at 7:00pm against the Montreal Canadiens! Hockey is finally back in Buffalo, and the timing couldn’t have been any sooner. Let the streets hear the roars of LET’S GO BUFFALO Sabres fans!