Buffalo Sabres Players – Eichel and Reinhart Need To Play More Together

BUFFALO, NY - DECEMBER 09: Sam Reinhart
BUFFALO, NY - DECEMBER 09: Sam Reinhart /

The Buffalo Sabres have been overlooking a key pairing this season in Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart, and it is about time that they play together a lot more.

The Buffalo Sabres have some very talented young players in their organization, and among them are Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart. Despite the unnecessarily harsh criticisms from fans on social media at time, Sam Reinhart is a very talented young forward, and he is specially suited to play with someone like Jack Eichel.

Since arriving in Buffalo in 2015, Jack Eichel began a growing friendship with fellow No. 2 overall pick Sam Reinhart, and the two blossomed into a formidable pairing last season. Don’t worry now, I am not forgetting or ignoring the effect of having Evander Kane on the wing as well, but today I am focusing on the effects of Jack and Sam playing together.

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Last season Jack Eichel scored 24 goals, and of those goals, 7 of them were assisted by Sam Reinhart, 6 of those were primary assists. Not only that, but of those 24 goals, 17 of those times, Sam Reinhart was on the ice to help contribute to the success of the play.

Last season, Sam Reinhart had a total of 47 points, and 30 of those were assists, so he is not unfamiliar with being attached to the scoresheet. His best assets as a player are his playmaking ability, and his smarts with and without the puck. To play with a dynamic player like Jack Eichel allows him to thrive. He is not the kind of player that will light you up with dazzling goals (although he does have a few pretty ones) but he will succeed when he has the confidence to play the game like he is supposed to.

Last night, Sabres fans witnessed a 2-1 loss against the Montreal Canadiens, but this game did feature Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart on a line together, and there was a noticeable change in Reinhart’s play. His feet were moving faster, and he wasn’t trying to do too much, like he usually has to while centering the third line. He was able to make his plays with the puck, and he and Jack were communicating very well.

The Chemistry that the have is undeniable. They live together away from the ice, and they obviously have a great time playing together, so it is about time that Coach Housley sees this and leaves them together.

But wait, I can hear some of the comments now. “But Eichel and Pominville are Dynamite together!” “What about Evander Kane?” “Reinhart shouldn’t need Jack to perform!”.

While it is true that Jack Eichel and Jason Pominville have been a great pair this year, Pominville has looked solid anywhere he has been playing, he will continue to produce. Evander Kane is a key element to the Sabres success, and he should not be taken off of Jack Eichel’s wing anytime soon. And to address the last potential comment, you’re right, Sam shouldn’t need Jack to perform well, but here’s a question for everyone thinking this. Wouldn’t you prefer your top young players play together like they should if it means both of them reaching their peak potential and scoring ability? Wouldn’t it make sense to put these two young studs together to make some more scoring magic?

I honestly think it is well worth the experiment. Sam Reinhart is a great player, and he will be an even better player when he is meshing well with Jack Eichel. Jack Eichel is already a great player, but he has looked a little lost the last few games. He needs a little more sense of comfortability, and who better to get that with than his best friend Sam?

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Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart are two very special talents for the Buffalo Sabres, and it would be wise to look at the obvious and put them together. Every game I have watched this year, I have said, “why aren’t 15 and 23 together?” and for the life of me I couldn’t make any sense of it. If there was a time to make this change and keep it, it would be now.