Buffalo Sabres Complete Comeback Win Against The Ducks

The Buffalo Sabres completed their comeback victory against the Anaheim Ducks to improve to 5-4-0, and it was a win that put the whole team’s strengths on display.

Is this a dream? Is it really happening? Do the Buffalo Sabres have their situation finally figured out? It sure looked like it tonight as they found their way to win from behind. They were down 1-0 going into the second period, and 2-0 about midway through the second, but this team showed something new tonight; something us Sabres fans have been waiting years to see, and that’s heart.

For so long this team has looked defeated and down every time they found themselves trailing for an extended period of time. Tonight, the Buffalo Sabres players finally dug deep and found their heart to play for a win; to play for each other.

The entire team put their key skills on display, and they played like a group that refused to lose. Jeff Skinner was dominating the offensive zone as he peppered former Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller with 6 shots, and scored on a semi-breakaway in the second period to tie the game. Rasmus Ristolainen used his physicality and two-way ability to shut down the opposition, and to score the game winning goal in the third period. Sam Reinhart used his keen passing vision and ability to set up two key goals tonight, and it was refreshing to see that skill put on full display.

Something that may have gone a bit unnoticed was the play of Jack Eichel, but I mean this in a good way. Sometimes it’s obvious when a star player is leading his team to victory, but there are other nights where his leadership is unnoticed. Jack Eichel tonight was doing all the little things right. He was hard on the puck, he back checked in his own zone, he created offensive chances, and he was a silent difference maker that allowed the rest of his teammates to function at their full potential.

While this game may have seemed to be a tough start, the end result was a tightly played and hard fought game. The Buffalo Sabres needed to pull out a win like this, and it’s about time they looked like a real team.

I for one enjoyed every minute of tonight. I hope that other Buffalo Sabres fans felt the same. What did you think of tonight? Let us know in the comments!