Here’s why the Jack Eichel trade rumors need to stop

I get it, other teams believe Jack Eichel deserves more than what the Buffalo Sabres have. Still, the Jack Eichel trade rumors are unrealistic and need to stop.

Jack Eichel is frustrated, no one is denying that. We’re all frustrated. We feel it every single time we see Eichel’s face after a loss — we love this team and we want to win just as bad as he does, so we get it.

But let’s be honest, the Buffalo Sabres would be foolish to let him suit up in any jersey other than their own. He’s a special talent, he’s still extremely young, and he’s already getting considerations for the Hart Trophy (earning two votes for 4th and 8 votes for 5th this past season). He finished 8th in the race overall.

With so much left to give, I’m not sure there’s a package you can put together for Jack Eichel that the Sabres would say Yes to. Actually, let me rephrase that, I hope there isn’t a package that can be put together for Jack Eichel that the Sabres would say Yes to.

Earlier in the season, Dan Rosen mentioned how it would likely take high draft picks, several top prospects, and even a top-level roster player to persuade the Buffalo Sabres to even think about trading Eichel — and I must say I still agree with him.

That was several months ago, but we’re still seeing blogs and media members toss around the possibility of him going somewhere.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post mentioned the possibility of the first round draft pick, Kaapo Kakko, K’Andre Miller or Adam Fox, and more. Steve Paulus of FanSided’s own Blue Line Station mentioned swapping first round draft picks, and swapping Ryan Strome and Lias Andersson for Jake McCabe and Eichel.

Bleacher Report featured Eichel in their recent ‘The Blockbuster NHL Trades We Want to See This Offseason’ by picking him to go to Carolina. He mentioned the Sabres getting Sebastian Aho. Bleacher Report then doubled down and wrote an entire article listing the top trade packages for Jack Eichel.

Look, there are plenty of reasons why Jack Eichel would want to leave — and even more reasons why another team would love to add him to their roster — but nothing trumps how badly the Buffalo Sabres’ organization and fanbase want him around.

And that says a lot because it’s hard to get that in the NHL and even harder to get it from passionate fans like the Sabres have.

I think it’s silly to think about trading Jack Eichel and I don’t think he’s planning on requesting or demanding a trade anytime soon. Next season would have to be another nightmare, but I think this team is on the right path and Eichel sees that.

In fact, here are my top reasons why I think Jack Eichel would be foolish to leave the Buffalo Sabres:

  1. Jack Eichel really likes head coach Ralph Krueger and what he brings to the Sabres’ player development.
  2. Jack Eichel recently signed an 8-year, $80 million extension towards the end of 2017. He knows they want him, he just needs more pieces around him.
  3. Jack Eichel knows this team has potential and he saw it with their 9-2-1 start last season. They need to find a way to sustain that success, but the Sabres are getting there.
  4. The Buffalo Sabres would ask way too much for him, making it difficult for any teams to take a shot at a package.
  5. Adding Eric Staal gives the Sabres a proven No. 2 center behind Jack Eichel, which is a game-changer.

I do have  one more reason and it’s the fans. Let’s be honest, where is Jack Eichel going to get fans like Sabres’ fans?


What about you? Do you have any reasons you would add to this list? Is there a package you can think of that would be worth letting him go? Do you think the Jack Eichel trade rumors need to stop?

We really hope you enjoyed this blog about our beloved Buffalo Sabres. We look forward to continuing the conversation with the best fans in the world down below in the comments section.