A very successful WJC for Sabres prospect JJ Peterka

A bright spot for Team Germany throughout the WJC, Sabres prospect JJ Peterka had a very impressive showing throughout the tournament on a team that did not have many expectations.

Team Germany came into the World Junior Championships as a team that no one really expected to make much noise. It was clear that they were outmatched by the top teams in the tournament, especially Team Canada. But there were some players on Team Germany that showed a lot of promising potential, especially Buffalo Sabres prospect JJ Peterka.

Peterka finished the tournament with 10 points through five games. He had four goals and six assists, including one goal and one assist against the powerhouse that is Team Canada. Peterka was tied for the most points on Team Germany in the tournament with teammate Tim Stuetzle, each with 10 points apiece.

I know it is too early to tell, and you should not make big assumptions after one tournament, but it is really hard not to be excited about Peterka. At only 18-years-old, he has so much potential to develop and improve even more before he sees time in the NHL with the Sabres.

Peterka ended up going back to Germany instead of Sabres camp after his quality WJC performance. He will return to play in the top hockey league in Germany and will continue to develop there.

I really like this decision for him and the Sabres. As young as Peterka is, I think this will be a great way for him to get a lot of ice time and also be very effective on the team he plays for.

The Sabres may have gotten a steal in the 2020 NHL draft by taking Peterka in the second round at 34th overall. He has been a quality player at every level that he has played in so far.

I think giving him more time to develop in Europe before having him in Sabres camp is a great idea. I cannot wait to see what he can bring to the table within the Sabres organization in future years.