Sabres news: How many trades could we see within the next month?

With the NHL Draft scheduled to begin in just under a month from now, time is ticking if the Buffalo Sabres hope to acquire more draft capital before the first round on July 23rd. We have heard numerous trade rumors surrounding some of the Sabres’ best players, and it would make the most sense for Buffalo to make moves before the draft to maximize this offseason.

Realistically, how many trades could we see between now and draft night? And what current Sabres are the most likely to be on the move between now and then?

As of right now, it looks like there could very well be three fairly significant trades that the Sabres may make before the first night of the draft. Obviously, there could be more; there could be less. But there have been three players in Buffalo that have generated significant trade rumors early this offseason.

The most significant is Jack Eichel. It is no secret that Eichel is ready to move on from Buffalo and play for a different team. A handful of teams have reached out to the Sabres about the potential of a Jack Eichel trade. In exchange for Eichel, the Sabres will expect numerous young players and draft picks. Of course, a team will have to give up a lot for Jack, but teams have already proven that they are more than willing to try.

The two other players that have generated some trade rumors this offseason are Sam Reinhart and Rasmus Ristolainen. The Sabres have mentioned that they are preparing for the possibility of having two top ten picks in this upcoming draft, which could come about from a trade involving one of either Eichel or Reinhart.

If Ristolainen were to be traded, the Sabres would probably expect prospects or later draft picks. But Buffalo will not hesitate to trade some of their more veteran players to gain draft picks and prospects this offseason.