Where will the Buffalo Sabres pick in the 2022 NHL Draft?

The Buffalo Sabres struck gold in last season’s draft when they selected Owen Power at Number One Overall and signed him to an entry-level contract. 

The Buffalo Sabres need to be impressed with defenseman Owen Power. Since he debuted on April 12th following a Frozen Four loss in the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament, Power has played well for a rookie.

In six games, Power has two points, a plus-minus of three, nine blocks, five takeaways, and just two giveaways. He is averaging 21:57 of average total ice time, and thus far, the Michigan product has played as advertised.

This season, the Sabres found themselves on a hot streak, so odds are, they will not win the NHL Draft Lottery that will be held on May 10th. But at this point, the Sabres really don’t need another top pick. They need a player who they can simply be able to reload with if they lose a valuable puzzle piece via free agency or a trade.

The Buffalo Sabres likeliest landing spot in the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery

With two games remaining, the Sabres have 73 points, which gives them the ninth-lowest total in the NHL. Currently, they have a 5.0 percent chance of landing the first overall pick, and they are most likely to select between seventh and tenth.

This can change depending on how they and other teams finish the season. But you will see little variance. Unless something beyond drastic occurs, they will end up with something between a 3.5 and 7.5 chance of landing the first pick.

Despite their winning ways in March and April 2022, they are still in contention for a top-ten pick. Pundits often say that a massive drop-off in talent occurs following the first half of the first round, meaning Buffalo will probably land a top-end prospect nonetheless.

So the Sabres are in a cool position. They don’t necessarily need an All-Star like a Shane Wright at this point. However, they, plus the other 31 NHL teams, would lose no sleep whatsoever if a blue-chip prospect falls their way.

We also need to remember the Sabres also have the Vegas Golden Knights first-round pick. That pick will remain with the Sabres in 2022 if the Knights don’t end up picking in the top ten. But, there is a chance Vegas misses the playoffs, meaning it’s highly likely the Sabres may snag two picks in the top fifteen.