Prediction! Buffalo Sabres take small step back in November 2022

Next up for the 2022-23 Buffalo Sabres record prediction is the month of November. How will the Sabres fare in this month? One way to find out!

With the October 2022 predictions in the books, the Buffalo Sabres will look to build off a good opening month of the season. Even though they got off to a great start, Sabres fans have seen this movie before. The team would get off to a great start in October and spiral down as the season went along. What will happen in November? Let’s find out!

In November, the Sabres will play 14 games. Their opponents will be the Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning, Arizona Coyotes, Vegas Golden Knights, Boston Bruins, Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, St. Louis Blues, New Jersey Devils, Tampa again, and the Detroit Red Wings.

The Buffalo Sabres figure to take a step back in November 2022

First up is a meeting with the Penguins. I do think Buffalo will start November with a win. Even though Pittsburgh is still a good team, they are beatable and the Sabres have gotten victories against them the last couple of years. The next two games will be difficult for Buffalo.

They will have a back-to-back for the first time all season and the Carolina Hurricanes will be their first challenge. I do have the Sabres losing this game but they will earn a point in this one.

After Carolina, they will take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately, they will lose this one in regulation. Sabres fans shouldn’t panic though, a back-to-back against two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference is a battle for any team.

Not to fear though, I have them getting a win against the Arizona Coyotes for the first game of a 4 game homestand. Up next, old friend Jack Eichel and the Vegas Golden Knights. Buffalo got the better of Vegas when the Golden Knights came to Buffalo last season and I think the Sabres win at home once again in overtime or a shootout.

The Boston Bruins will be coming to town after Vegas. For whatever reason, Buffalo had a tough time against Boston during the last couple of years. The Sabres will lose this one but will earn a point. To wrap up the homestand, the Sabres will conclude their season series against the Vancouver Canucks.

I got Buffalo winning this one and sweeping the Canucks. It will be the second back-to-back in November for Buffalo as they will head to Ottawa after the Canucks game. I think travel will catch up to the Sabres and I have them losing a hard fought game against the Senators.

After leaving Ottawa, the Sabres will have two more games in Canada as they will head to Toronto to face off against their arch rival, the Maple Leafs. Buffalo will rebound in this one and continue their recent success against Toronto. The Sabres will travel to Montreal to wrap up the trip and I see them defeating the Canadiens.

This will be the last back-to-back during November as the Sabres will host the St. Louis Blues after coming back from Montreal. St. Louis is a good team and with the Sabres playing the second half of the back-to-back, I have them losing this one.

The New Jersey Devils will be up next. New Jersey is still going through a transition, so I got Buffalo taking this one but either in overtime or in a shootout. For their last home of November, Buffalo will be welcoming the Lightning into town and once again, I think the Lightning will win this one.

For the last game of November, the Sabres will be going to Detroit for a battle against the Red Wings. I do think they will hit a small rough patch going into December and will lose to Detroit to wrap up November.

November Record: 7-5-2 (16 points)

Overall Record: 14-6-3 (31 points)

While the Sabres will take a small step back in November, they are still in good shape. December will be tough for them but I think the team and fans will be satisfied where they are going into the final month of 2022.