Buffalo Sabres: A two-week gauntlet starts tonight vs. Pittsburgh

After a good month of October, the Buffalo Sabres will turn to the month of November. It won’t be easy and that’s what we’re getting at in this article. 

After they went 6-3-0 to start the season, the Buffalo Sabres will now be turning the page to the month of November. Sabres fans have seen this movie before, where the team gets off to a great start then completely collapses in November or sometime during the season.

For some reason though, the vibes around this team just feels different. With that being said however, the first two weeks will be good measuring stick games for the Sabres. In the six games that will be played within the next two weeks, five of those games will be against playoff teams from last season.

The Buffalo Sabres face quite the challenge in November

In order, they will face Pittsburgh tonight, a back-to-back against Carolina and Tampa Bay, Arizona, Vegas and Boston. Even though Pittsburgh lost a tough one last night against Boston, they are still a good team in my opinion. The Sabres need to be ready and they need to have a fast start.

Up next, a very tough road trip that’s a back-to-back against the Hurricanes and Lightning. Both teams will present challenges for the Sabres but after watching this team, I don’t think anyone is too intimidating for them. Everyone knows how good the Hurricanes are and even after a slow start to the season, the Lightning are starting to look like the team we know.

After what should be a tough back-to-back trip, the Sabres will have a four-game homestand. The Arizona Coyotes are up first and even though they are rebuilding, Buffalo needs to be ready. Up next, “old friend” Jack Eichel and the Vegas Golden Knights.

Eichel and the Knights are doing very well as expected and will pose another tough challenge for the Sabres. Before wrapping up the homestand against Vancouver, the Sabres will host the first place Boston Bruins. During the last couple of seasons, the Bruins have been a thorn in the side of the Sabres, so it will be very interesting to see how this one goes.

The first two weeks of November will be challenging for the Sabre. But I think they are capable of hanging around with some of the league’s best teams.

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