Former Buffalo Sabres playoff lineup is EPIC in 2023

Let’s create some lines with former Buffalo Sabres that are currently in the postseason for the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs! 

One point and a tiebreaker is all it would’ve taken to bump us into a wild-card spot. Granted, there are more complications to it. Looking at it from a basic standpoint, it was just one point and a tiebreaker! The only way to go from here is up. The Buffalo Sabres have all the tools to be a playoff team, we just need a little more Granato and Adams magic to make it happen.

While our current elite roster now has the summer to relax and prepare for this fall, there are many former Sabres who are in the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs battling with their new(-ish) teams, for a chance at the Stanley Cup.

Some former players are loved and missed by Buffalo fans, while others some of us are hoping to get eliminated in the now second round. This list will include players that played for teams in the first round that have gotten eliminated. First, let’s look at the teams that with the help of a former Sabre, made it into the playoffs


  • Boston Bruins
  • Florida Panthers
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • New York Islanders
  • New Jersey Devils
  • New York Rangers
  • Dallas Stars
  • Minnesota Wild
  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Seattle Kraken
  • Las Vegas Golden Knights
  • Edmonton Oilers

Phew. Many teams with former Sabres players in the league. Of course, a lot of them excelled after they left Buffalo. However, we have players from other teams that are excelling with us after they came to Buffalo. (Skinner, Thompson, Tuch for example).

Now let’s look at the players from each team. Before setting the lineups, let’s look at what we have for each position first:


  • Taylor Hall
  • Sam Reinhart
  • Eric Staal
  • Ryan O’Reilly
  • Brandon Hagel
  • Hudson Fasching
  • Curtis Lazar
  • Jimmy Vesey
  • Marcus Foligno
  • Marcus Johansson
  • JT Compher
  • Evan Rodrigues
  • John Hayden
  • William Carrier
  • Jack Eichel
  • Evander Kane


  • Casey Fitzgerald
  • Brandon Montour
  • Jake McCabe
  • Zach Bogosian
  • Colin Miller
  • Will Borgen
  • Brayden McNabb


  • Linus Ullmark
  • Jaroslav Halak

Plethora of former Buffalo Sabres are/were in the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs

It’s crazy to believe that all of those players once wore the Blue and Gold jersey of the Buffalo Sabres. Some players I recognize very well, while others it is tough to recall when and for how long they were here in Buffalo. As I mentioned before, some are missed while others are now enemies of the fanbase.

Let’s see how the lineup may have turned out if all these players were still playing for the Buffalo Sabres:

First Line

  • Hall – Eichel – Reinhart

Second Line

  • Kane – O’Reilly – Johansson

Third Line

  • Rodrigues – Staal – Fasching

Fourth Line

  • Vesey – Lazar – Foligno

This is crazy to see, and for many reasons. I know Hagel tore it up, so he should definitely be in the top six. I only have these lines set up for some sad nostalgia. These lines look so familiar. Hagel technically never played for the Buffalo Sabres, but he was drafted in 2016, so I’ll scratch him.

First Pairing 

  • McCabe – Montour

Second Pairing

  • McNabb – Bogosian

Third Pairing

  • Borgen – Miller

No wonder the Sabres lack RHD of the veteran caliber. Imagine having Montour or Bogosian still? I really liked both of them.


  • Fitzgerald, Hagel, Compher, Hayden, Carrier


  • Ullmark
  • Halak

While a lot of these players are excelling with their new teams, some are missed. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. The playoff drought has been very tough as we all know. This current regime we have is the real deal.

Every decision made, even the painful ones, have led us to this very moment. The Buffalo Sabres are being set up to make the playoffs for many years to come. The core is blooming and Granato is igniting the fire in so many players on the roster.

Let’s go Buffalo!