Based on last night's comments, could we see a more consistent Buffalo Sabres team?

The Buffalo Sabres are coming off a very dominant win against the Toronto Maple Leafs last night as they secured a 9-3 victory. But it wasn't the game that caught my attention, it was the postgame comments from head coach Don Granato.
Buffalo Sabres v Florida Panthers
Buffalo Sabres v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Brian Koziol who hosts the Sabres postgame show on WGR 550 tweeted out an interesting statement. During his postgame press conference, Granato talked about how the Sabres could "possibly" be going back to the system they were in last year.

This caught my attention as well as other Sabres fans who saw the tweet. First and foremost, why did they change things up and why did it take so long? During the first three months of the season, Buffalo has been incredibly inconsistent or in my words, consistently inconsistent.

Before the season started, this team had high hopes and playoffs aspirations. At the current moment, Buffalo is 14-17-3 and are eight points out of a playoff spot. Now I understand it's still pretty early and we still got four more months to go, but why change things up?

Is it a good thing for the Buffalo Sabres to make changes?

Now this could be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Let's start with why it's a good thing. it might be good because it could mean we see the team that almost made it into the postseason. The team where they can go on a little winning streak or get some wins instead of winning one and losing the next one over and over again.

For the bad, does this mean that the defense will be giving up tons of shots to the opposition? With the exception of a few games, the Sabres defense hasn't been giving up a ton of shots like they did last year. But if it means scoring a lot of goals and winning games, then why not give it a try.

Keep in mind that for the first time all season, Buffalo is healthy. They got Jack Quinn back after missing the first couple of months. Obviously each player is banged up a little but....knock on wood, hopefully no one else will miss time.

We will see what happens but if they go back to the new system and start to win more, then this is a great idea. I just don't understand why it took this long.