Should the Buffalo Sabres give Casey Mittelstadt a long term extension?

If I would have told you back before the season started that Casey Mittelstadt would be leading the Buffalo Sabres in points, you probably would have laughed at me and called me crazy. However, that is the case. Casey has 33 points which leads the team with 11 goals and 22 assists.
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Casey had the best year of his career last season as he scored 15 goals and registered 44 assists for 59 points in 82 games played. Ever since Don Granato took over a couple of years ago, Mittelstadt has been a solid player for the Buffalo Sabres. There was a time where some fans wanted him out because he was not performing like we hoped he would.

He is going to be a restricted free agent in 2024 and will be due for a contract extension. So it begs the question, should the Sabres give Casey a long term extension or a short term deal? As we all know, it can be very risky giving an athlete a long term contract extension in any sport.

It's 50/50. There have been contract extensions that have worked and there are others that were just a complete disaster. Look at Dylan Cozens. He signed a long term deal with the Sabres last year and he has struggled this season. But Tage Thompson and Rasmus Dahlin also signed deals and have been doing well since receiving them.

There would be potential pros and cons if the Buffalo Sabres extended Casey Mittelstadt

Casey has definitely played well up to now to get one. But will general manager Kevyn Adams give him one? In my opinion, I do think Mittelstadt deserves an extension but when it comes to length, I'm still undecided.

As I mentioned earlier, long term deals can be a huge risk, but they could also be worth it. If I were Adams, I would do a deal somewhere in the 3-5 year range. Usually the superstars of the league get the 6-8 year deals and while I think Casey is a solid player, I don't think he should be given that much term.

I really do like Casey, but I don't feel comfortable giving him a deal that's over five years. While he has really grown as a player, 3-5 years would be the perfect length for him.