Could Scott Laughton become a Buffalo Sabre?

Jan 9, 2023; Buffalo, New York, USA;  Philadelphia Flyers center Scott Laughton (21) waits for the
Jan 9, 2023; Buffalo, New York, USA; Philadelphia Flyers center Scott Laughton (21) waits for the / Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL trade deadline is nearly here. It's the time when playoff teams try to add pieces to make a run at the Stanley Cup and it's also the time when teams who are not competing for a spot in the postseason build up for the future. When it comes to the Buffalo Sabres, it seems like they will have to wait until next season to make a run for the playoffs.

While they are in the running, it's a long shot to make the playoffs. However, I would not be surprised if they were involved in some trades. Whether it's trading away players or acquiring, they could be involved either way. On the 32 Thoughts Podcast, there was a player who might make sense for the Sabres to get.

To listen to the episode in its entirety, search 32 Thoughts Podcast and it's the most recent episode. Jeff Marek mentions the Laughton to Buffalo part at 35:30.

As you can see in the tweet above courtesy of @TheSabreReport, Elliotte Friedman mentioned how a player like Peyton Krebs could be in the deal to get Laughton. This would be an interesting target for the Sabres. Looking at Laughton's stats, he scored seven goals and registered 17 assists for 24 points in 55 games played with the Philadelphia Flyers this season.

While this trade might not attract most fans, the Sabres lack one thing, toughness. Some players do play with grit, but it's not a strong suit for Buffalo. Laughton is a physical presence and like what Marek said, he would be a veteran for the young guys on the team. When it comes to leadership, the Sabres are the youngest team in the league, so a player like Laughton could make sense.

We will see what happens in the coming weeks, but I wonder if Adams would want to move a player like Krebs to acquire Laughton. Only time will tell.