NHL Standings ordered by points: Buffalo Sabres got a lot of ground to make up

While the Buffalo Sabres are near the back of the pack in the Eastern Conference standings, where do they rank against the entire league?
Jan 11, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA;  Buffalo Sabres defenseman Owen Power (25) looks to make a
Jan 11, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman Owen Power (25) looks to make a / Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres are somewhere near the Eastern Conference’s cellar, but where would they rank in the entire NHL when you throw the Western Conference in there? To be frank, the Blue and Gold still don’t rock, as you will see in the league-wide standings below. 

But you may notice that their first two games of Week 15 come against teams that have accumulated a combined 49 points, just nine more than the Sabres have garnered all season. If Buffalo steals a pair of wins vs. the 31st and 32nd-ranked teams on this list, then maybe they will end up closer to the top 20 than the bottom five. We will gain further insights on whether that could be the case about two-and-a-half hours after the puck drops today. 

The Buffalo Sabres aren’t rocking a solid points total vs. the NHL

  1. Vancouver Canucks: 61 points
  2. Winnipeg Jets: 60 points
  3. Boston Bruins: 59 points
  4. Colorado Avalanche: 59 points
  5. New York Rangers: 56 points
  6. Florida Panthers: 56 points
  7. Dallas Stars: 55 points
  8. Carolina Hurricanes: 53 points
  9. Vegas Golden Knights: 53 points
  10. Philadelphia Flyers: 52 points
  11. Toronto Maple Leafs: 50 points
  12. Nashville Predators: 49 points
  13. Tampa Bay Lightning: 49 points
  14. Detroit Red Wings: 49 points
  15. Los Angeles Kings: 48 points
  16. New York Islanders: 48 points
  17. Edmonton Oilers: 47 points
  18. New Jersey Devils: 47 points
  19. Seattle Kraken: 47 points
  20. Pittsburgh Penguins: 46 points
  21. Washington Capitals: 46 points
  22. Calgary Flames: 45 points
  23. St. Louis Blues: 44 points
  24. Arizona Coyotes: 44 points
  25. Montreal Canadiens: 41 points
  26. Buffalo Sabres: 40 points
  27. Minnesota Wild: 39 points
  28. Columbus Blue Jackets: 35 points
  29. Ottawa Senators: 30 points
  30. Anaheim Ducks: 29 points
  31. Chicago Blackhawks: 26 points
  32. San Jose Sharks: 23 points

Yeah, despite ranking 26th in the league in points, 14th in their conference, and seventh in their division, it’s amazing that they are in a perfect position to change that narrative in Week 15. And spoiler alert: Buffalo plays the 30th-ranked team next week, and they also face the Sharks again before the long All-Star break.


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