One dream trade for the Buffalo Sabres to make this offseason

Ottawa Senators v Buffalo Sabres
Ottawa Senators v Buffalo Sabres / Kevin Hoffman/GettyImages

We talked about dream trades and dream free agency signings for the Buffalo Sabres to make. For general manager Kevyn Adams, this offseason will most likely determine his future with the organization. While he has said what he is looking for in the offseason, he should try to acquire one player who has something the Sabres lack.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a piece about how the Sabres should model their game after the Florida Panthers. Physicality and toughness is something Buffalo lacks. For my dream trade, the Sabres should call the Ottawa Senators and try to make a deal for Brady Tkachuk.

Just like his brother Matthew, Tkachuk would be the perfect player to have on this Sabres team. In 81 games played, Brady scored 37 goals and recorded 37 assists along with 134 penalty minutes. Even though he has a cap hit of $8,205,714, his play style is exactly what Buffalo needs.

The only concern I have is if the Senators would trade him to a team in the same division as them. Both Ottawa and Buffalo are both young, talented squads who are trying to reshape and improve for the future. While they haven't made the playoffs, there is no denying that the talent is there.

My guess is the Senators wouldn't want to trade the face of their franchise, but if he is available, the Sabres should swoop in and make a deal. I'm sure the price will be high, however at this point, Buffalo needs to take the next step and become a playoff team.

Adding Brady to the mix could help out the process, and he would be another talented addition to the roster. Between his scoring ability and his tendency to get underneath the opposing team's skin, I personally would love if Adams somehow acquired him from Ottawa.