One habit the Sabres need to stop

Feb 6, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA;  Dallas Stars center Matt Duchene (95) reacts after scoring a
Feb 6, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA; Dallas Stars center Matt Duchene (95) reacts after scoring a / Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched the Buffalo Sabres to this point of the season, you may have recognized a theme. Not just them being inconsistent but they have also have a bad habit. It's been a recurring habit for the team, giving up the first goal. Not only that, but also being down by two or three goals in some instances.

In the last four games, including in last nights game against the Dallas Stars, Buffalo has given up the first goal. Even though they won two of those games, it's still not a good habit. Giving up the first goal is not ideal in general, but when it's a few minutes into the game, then it's a huge issue to have.

Obviously in every sport, you get the advantage of scoring first or the disadvantage if you give up the first score. When you score first, it sets the tone for the rest of the game. Not only does it give you the lead first, but you put the pressure on the other team right away.

On the flip side, giving up the first goal instantly sets you behind. Not only does it give that team a disadvantage, but you need to make sure it doesn't get out ot hand. While it's giving up the next goal, or two goals, the team who gave up the goals have to dig themselves out of a hole making it hard for them to give themselves a chance to tie the game, or even win it.

Unfortunately for the Sabres, they are the ones putting themselves in a hole in some of these games, and I wonder if their record would look different if they were the ones scoring the first goal of the game. Again I understand they have came back in some of those games and won, but still. If they even want to get themselves back in the playoff race, breaking the "giving up the first goal" habit would be a great start.