What to do with Peyton Krebs

The Sabres are looking to add new center during this offseason. After they do, what will come of Peyton Krebs?
Buffalo Sabres v Vancouver Canucks
Buffalo Sabres v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages

There has been much speculation as to what the Buffalo Sabres will do at the center position. They have been looking for an addition to go with Tage Thompson. Buffalo currently has been linked to signing free agent Chandler Stephenson or trading for Anthony Cerelli.

With Thompson and Dylan Cozens firmly in place, they will be looking on the outside for the third or fourth line. If they make a high-profile trade or signing, it's a good question to wonder what becomes of Peyton Krebs.

Krebs last season only contributed 17 points in 80 games played. He also as the third or fourth line center, won 46.3% of his faceoffs during the year. In contrast, Cirelli, whom the Sabres are strongly considering trading for, won 49.2%. Krebs is scheduled to become a restricted free agent after his contract (initially with Vegas) is due up this offseason.

If they choose to resign him, it may be a cheaper option. But if Buffalo wants to go all in at a third line center, they may want to grab a more high profile free agent at a higher rate. Sabres analyst for WGR, Paul Hamilton, commented that before Buffalo chooses to move on Krebs, they may wish to look at his age and their decision to move on from traded center Casey Mittelstadt from last season.

On WGR 550, Hamilton made an appearance on the Jeremy and Joe Show. He commented, "As far as Peyton Krebs goes, he may wind up signing his qualifying offer. You know, I don’t know if you want to give up on him yet. Because, I gave up on Casey Mittelstadt too early at about the age Krebs is, saying he was a bust, and I’ve turned out to be wrong. He (Mittelstadt) was just a late bloomer."

Lindy Ruff and Kevyn Adams have a lot of decisions to make this offseason. They will need to add much needed depth to break their 13 year playoff drought. One that might look minor but could be huge in March or April next season is where Krebs fits in.