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Buffalo Sabres Fan and Writer - Tim Redinger with son RileyTimothy Redinger – Founding Editor
Joined the FanSided Sports Network initially as the editor of covering the Buffalo Bills, when the chance to help usher in a new era at Fansided appeared, with the help of FanSided Tim launched the first non-football based site in the FanSided Network. Tim still contributes to regularly as well as acts as the Associate Director of FanSided NHL. A life long Sabres fan – still try’s to make as much time as possible for his beloved blue and gold despite maintaining a crazy busy schedule. If you have any questions or comments for him, feel free to email him at [email protected].
Melissa Kania - Staff Writer
22-year-old Buffalo native and long-time hockey fan who also has a passion for writing and traveling. Originated as a Sabres fan, but now holds an appreciation for several teams & leagues. OHL enthusiast, grammar snob, too-frequent Twitter user.
Rich Spalding – Editorial Director, FanSided NBA
When I was an undergraduate at Le Moyne College, I did an internship in the sports department of an ABC affiliate and walked away hating broadcast journalism. The stress and the miserable people made covering sports seem tedious and joyless. I’ve always felt there was a way to cover the sport of hockey while still having fun, which is why I decided to come write for Sabre Noise. Above all else, I am a fan of the sport, and of the Buffalo Sabres, and as a member of the site it is my goal to make Sabre Noise the most interesting, informative and entertaining source of Sabres-related news and opinion pieces that you will find on the Internet!  In addition to writing at SabreNoise Rich is the editor at Hardwood Houdini and the Editorial Director for FanSided NBA.
Kevin Jordan – Copy Editor
I am a former Website Owner / Administrator / Hockey Writer for many years. I am now the Copy Editor here at
Travis Hoh – Social Media Manager
Our resident social media expert.  Tweets all things Buffalo Sabres out via @sabrenoise.
Caitlin Campbell – Senior Staff Writer

Being told you can no longer play the sport you love and walking away from a hockey scholarship is no easy pill to swallow, but Caitlin turned her passion for playing the game of hockey into a love for writing and educating people about the great game. Caitlin battles being a Sabres fan in Leaf land while clinging to a hope that the Sabres will one day give her a chance to shut-up all her Leaf fan friends.

In addition to her work at SabreNoise, Caitlin is also the found of The Puck Stops Here and hosts her own NHL radio show on Tuesday nights. Just because Caitlin is a girl and young doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her puck, tweet her @Hockeylife30 to debate all hockey stories.
Andrew Haines – Staff Writer
AJ Haller – Staff Writer
Curtis Macaccio – Staff Writer
Cory Buck – Staff Writer
Louis Paone – Staff Writer
David Weirich – Staff Writer


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