Buffalo Sabres Draft Lottery Odds: Time Is Ticking


Heading into the weekend, the Buffalo Sabres still have a grasp on the last place in the National Hockey League.  They are also struggling to get wins, and are likely going to have the worst season on record in franchise history, hitting a low that even last year’s team could not do.

A little bit of change to the draft lottery standings, and one addition on our report, thanks to the suggestion of one of our readers, a “games remaining” column, so you can see how many chances at points teams in the NHL Draft Lottery Standings have.

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So it comes down to our somewhat daily spin of the draft lottery wheel, come on I am not perfect I have missed a few days.  Simple fact is – in about 20+ spins, the Buffalo Sabres have only ever won the thing twice (a sign of things to come)?

The draft lottery winner for Friday March 13th?  It would figure that on Friday the 13th, the Philadelphia Flyers would win the draft lottery.  Trust me when I clicked it, I wanted to crawl back into bed and start the day over again, looking for different results.

Ten teams on the ice tonight, some with playoff implications on the line, others with draft lottery implications.  The Buffalo Sabres get one more night off before getting on with their remaining games on the schedule.  * denotes draft lottery implications.

Ottawa Senators @ New York Islanders *

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The Ottawa Senators are still making their case for the playoff push, while the New York Islanders are looking for the path of least resistance to the Stanley Cup.  The end result of the Islanders seasons weighs on the Buffalo Sabres decisions, as they have to part ways with their lowest first round draft pick.

Dallas Stars @ Washington Capitals*

The Buffalo Sabres have an interest here as well, but it doesn’t look like the conditional pick the Sabres will be getting will be higher than a third round draft pick (in the Jhonas Enroth trade).  The Dallas Stars are losing their window of eligibility to make the playoffs.

Edmonton Oilers @ Columbus Blue Jackets *

Not a game that means anything in the standings as both teams are out of the playoff picture, but Columbus is a very beatable opponent for the Oilers, and they play them twice in their next three games.  Good news for the Buffalo Sabres.

Anaheim Ducks @ Minnesota Wild*

The Minnesota Wild struggle to maintain balance in their season end quest for the playoffs, as they bounce to either side of the bubble.  The Ducks are, like the Islanders at the top of the league looking for the path of least resistance.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Calgary Flames*

Calgary has been in the mix all year, but as teams in the West start to turn it on, do they have a chance at remaining in on the playoff decision?

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