2015 Western Conference Finals: Anaheim Ducks vs Chicago Blackhawks


Yesterday the Eastern Conference Finals got underway, and today it is the West Coasts turn, with the start of the 2015 Western Conference Finals, with the Anaheim Ducks and the Chicago Blackhawks set to start their series.

Anaheim is looking to bring the second Stanley Cup to California, and the Chicago Blackhawks want to add more trophy to their already impressive resumes.  Which franchise is the National Hockey League rooting for?  I think the NHL is honestly hoping for an Anaheim Ducks vs New York Rangers Stanley Cup Final – but they will get what they get.

And now for the tale of the tape.

2015 Western Conference Finals – Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks had to play the Nashville Predators in the first round, and if the San Jose Sharks were once the running joke of the post season, the Predators might be coming in a close second – dominant in the regular season, but unable to capitalize in the post season.

The Blackhawks were supposed to be without Patrick Kane until late May, but he was able to return to the lineup quicker than the team thought, possibly spurring his teammates motivation and leading the charge.

Nashville put up a fight, but Chicago put the Predators down in six games.

Chicago would only play ten games to get to the 2015 Western Conference Finals, completing shutting down Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville, and the rest of the Minnesota Wild in the second round sweeping them 4-0.

Certainly selecting Chicago to win the Stanley Cup is a safe pick, they have two of the last five championships to their credit – but there is a feeling I get about this team, that this is there year as well, making up for the almost 60 years without a Stanley Cup by winning their third cup in a span of six years.

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2015 Western Conference Finals – Anaheim Ducks

Sometimes you just get it wrong.  I didn’t have a warm and fuzzy about the Anaheim Ducks going into the playoffs, I think they spent a lot of energy getting into the playoffs and trying to be one of the best teams in the regular season.  And then they most likely drew the easiest route to the conference finals.

In the first round they played the Winnipeg Jets – a team that should have done more damage in the post season than they did, being the only first round sweep.

The second round brought about the Calgary Flames – and I for sure thought that this would be the end of the Ducks.  A cocky atmosphere was brewing, the Flames had no business in the second round, an underdog all season long – who finally met their match.

Anaheim only needed five games to douse the Flames – reaching the 2015 Western Conference Finals in just nine games.  The fewest number of games to get to this point from all the team playing in the NHL final four.

Does the NHL have the best four teams in the league still playing?  What will this series bring?

I don’t think the Ducks are powerful enough to overcome the Chicago Blackhawks, but it will be a series.  I think the Western Conference will finally get a series, with the Blackhawks winning the 2015 Western Conference Finals in seven games.

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