Buffalo Sabres 75 Bold Predictions for 2023-24: Prediction 49

We have made it to Bold Prediction #49 in the Buffalo Sabres 75 In 75 series. And today, it’s time to predict the overall number of wins on the year.

Following my second half of March 2024 predictions, the Buffalo Sabres probably won’t reach the 49-win mark. I have them embarking on a rough 1-5-1 (three-point) stretch across the final two weeks of the month, leaving them with 41 total wins heading into April.

With 90 projected points heading into April 2024, however, they will most likely clinch a wild card spot if they finish 0.500. But let’s keep everything equal for a second and flip the 1-5-1 script to 5-1-1 in the second half of March 2024 – something a few of my recent bold predictions implied.

Instead of 41 wins, the Blue and Gold now have 45 wins, and are well in contention to reach the 49-win mark on the season. So in this bold prediction, I’m creating an alternate reality of a projection here, so to speak – giving the Sabres 45 wins in 2023-24 heading into April, and projecting them to win four of their final seven games to reach 49 and at least eight overtime losses on the season, giving them 106 points.

Therefore, instead of losing to the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers in those aforementioned March 2024 projections linked above, the Sabres instead get hot by beating both teams, as outlined in Bold Prediction #42.

Buffalo Sabres snag 49 wins in the 49th bold prediction for 2023-24

Riding the momentum in Bold Prediction #42, the Sabres snag their 45th win during the waning days of March, setting the stage for a hot streak in April and snagging four more W’s to close out the year with 49. And best yet, this will give the Blue and Gold momentum heading into their first playoff series in nearly a decade and a half whether they are a wild card team or if they won a spot in the Top 3.

In this bold scenario, if the Buffalo Sabres can adhere to hanging with their more experienced opponents in the postseason, perhaps that consistent winning continues. And taking 49 W’s on the year is a great first step in the process, especially if they are winning more toward the end of the season.