3 Rochester Amerks the Buffalo Sabres should bring up next season

Queen City Outdoor Classic - Rochester Americans v Charlotte Checkers
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Brandon Biro, LW

Rochester left winger Brandon Biro is another forward who’s played for the Sabres but spent most of his hockey career so far in the AHL. Biro’s season stats for 2023-24 were 16-27-43 in 59 matchups. He also performed reasonably well in the playoffs, netting two goals and two assists in five postseason contests.

Biro is getting a little older for a hockey player at 26, but still has some good years left and could be an athlete that’s ready to fill somebody else’s departing UFA shoes. One of the biggest problems the Sabres had the past few seasons was being overloaded on young, energetic but inexperienced talent, with a shortage of veteran players. Biro probably learned a thing or two in his past six years on the ice and could be a seasoned forward the team needs.

Since three of the soon to leave UFAs are left wingers, Biro’s available to step in and take one of their places on the Sabres third or fourth line. Shoring up the bottom two lines should also be a priority. After all, top scoring teams can throw line after line after opposing defenses and goalies. Biro may not be the automatic solution to this offensive gap, but he’s worth a third go around.