Buffalo Sabres land a major surprise at forward in NHL Mock Draft 3.0

Sometimes, a consensus top-five pick will freefall in the NHL Draft, and in my latest simulation, the Sabres snagged that freefaller.
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action...
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Mock Draft 3.0 for the Buffalo Sabres had a surprise factor in it, with a top-three prospect falling straight to them in FC Hockey’s Mock Draft Simulation. That said, I was convinced this player would be long gone by the time the Blue and Gold’s pick rolled around at No. 11, but as fate would have it, that wasn’t the case. 

But the 11th overall pick wasn’t the only place I found value in this mock draft, as I seemingly had star-studded talent fall to me in most of the nine selections, with only the final two picks in this exercise being taken on not much more than potential. This made for one exciting draft, and it was a staunch reminder that when draft day rolls around, anything can happen.

So who did I land at No. 11, and how likely is this simulation to become a reality come draft day? Brace yourself, because not only will the first pick be quite the shocker - in a mock draft simulation, mind you - but that second-rounder could also easily wind up going in the top 32. 

11th overall: Ivan Demidov, RW/SKA St. Petersburg

Surprised? Hey, sometimes these mock draft simulations have a mind of their own, but when Ivan Demidov fell to 11th overall, there was no question. Sure, there are some issues surrounding the level of competition Demidov is facing in the MHL, and also questions surrounding when he’ll come to North America, but it seems like he’d be willing to venture over now if he didn’t have another year left on his contract.  

While I have no doubt that Demidov will go in the top three, in the strict terms of this mock draft simulation, he’d be a Sabre. So, while it would be cool to see this being the case, let’s also be realistic and assume otherwise, even if it’s fun to speculate.