5 Buffalo Sabres players who won’t be back next season

The Buffalo Sabres should go through a bit of retooling this offseason to finally end their drought and make the playoffs in 2024-25.
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The Sabres have at least 10 players who will be either pending restricted free agents or unrestricted free agents heading into the 2024 offseason. Since there must be more roster turnover this offseason as opposed to what we have seen over the past two years, expect a few more players currently in a blue and gold uniform to be playing either for a different NHL team or even in the AHL. 

While 2022-23 was a step forward, 2023-24 served as an unacceptable step back, and it will give everyone in the front office and on the coaching staff more urgency than they have seen during their tenures as they head into 2024-25 this coming October. 

There could even be turnover on head coach Don Granato’s staff regardless, as his seat will grow hot quickly next season if there isn’t any improvement in October and November 2024. 

Sabres 2024 offseason will see an exodus of a few familiar faces

Players who are under contract for 2024-25 should be safe, as most are relatively young and have shown too much big-play potential to be moved in a trade. That said, this piece will only focus on those whose contracts are expiring either as an unrestricted free agent or as a restricted free agent - as bringing back everyone in the latter group could inevitably create an unnecessary logjam reminiscent of what we saw this year. 

Two players who nearly didn’t make the cut to return got a reprieve, and you will learn why they are likely to surprise us and stay with the big club for at least a portion of 2024-25. There are also a few listed who you probably knew since October wouldn’t be likely to return, and if Adams re-signed them, doing so would shock the entire fan base. 

So, which Sabres players are currently playing their final handful of games in the blue and gold uniform? Keep reading to learn who they are and why they won’t be returning for another year. 

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