5 Buffalo Sabres players who won’t be back next season

The Buffalo Sabres should go through a bit of retooling this offseason to finally end their drought and make the playoffs in 2024-25.
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We have known for a while it will be Victor Olofsson’s last season in Buffalo

No one on the Sabres took a bigger step back in points production than Victor Olofsson, but it’s more thanks to the fact he was an odd man out for most of the season. Lately, Olofsson has seen more ice time, but he still only has 15 points and seven goals in 45 games, and that’s by far a career low for a player who was once an upper-echelon scorer for this team. 

This time, two years ago, there was talk Olofsson could even open the 2022-23 season as the top-line winger, but his limited game hurt his stock. In 2023-24, his ice time dropped two-and-a-half minutes, and Olofsson’s part-time status further indicated he was no longer in this team’s plans. 

In a way, Sabres fans should be glad to see Olofsson most likely headed elsewhere following what has been his most turbulent season. He was valuable at times, but never to the same extent as those whom general manager Kevyn Adams signed long-term, like Tage Thompson and Dylan Cozens. 

Letting Olofsson walk in free agency further shows that the Sabres organization is, despite its inability to take a step forward in 2023-24, in a better place. If Olofsson’s replacement (preferably a prospect) proves to be a better fit next season, that alone will help this team take a step forward.