3 coaches the Sabres can replace Don Granato with right now

The Buffalo Sabres handed former head coach Don Granato his walking papers, and now the search begins yet again for a new leader.
New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens
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Gerard Gallant has a rather good recent track record

It may have taken Gerard Gallant a while to figure out how to be a successful NHL coach, as he struggled through six forgettable seasons with the Columbus Blue Jackets between 2003-04 and 2006 and again with the Florida Panthers between 2014-15 and 2016. But wow, can you name another NHL coach who enjoyed a better breakout season?

Not long after the Florida Panthers fired him, Gallant and the Vegas Golden Knights shocked the hockey and the sports world with a Pacific Division title before they represented the Western Conference in the 2018 Stanley Cup Final. To take an expansion team and to go that far in the playoffs should put Gallant on everyone’s shortlist, and that shouldn’t be any different with Kevyn Adams. 

While Gallant’s tenure in Vegas didn’t end well, even if he never had a losing season with the club, he was nonetheless successful, and that earned him a job with the New York Rangers in 2021. He coached New York for two seasons and finished with 107 or more points in both campaigns, but he ultimately left the franchise following a First Round exit against the New Jersey Devils. 

Gallant may not have hoisted the Stanley Cup as a coach, but his credentials, especially his later credentials, speak for themselves, and he would be a great successor to Don Granato.