3 former Sabres players playing for division rivals whom we would love to see return

The Buffalo Sabres may need to look outside the organization for some much-needed help, but perhaps they should try to bring back some old faces?
Buffalo Sabres v Florida Panthers
Buffalo Sabres v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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Sam Reinhart would reinvigorate the Sabres high-octane play

Oh yes, we’re talking about Sam Reinhart, who will be due for a major lucrative contract extension. Thanks to his next salary likely reaching the eight-figure mark from an AAV standpoint, it would be more challenging to bring him back to the Sabres, especially if Kevyn Adams is seeking to extend more current talent.

But Adams also has to ask himself: Would the Sabres be better off bringing back Reinhart and going the cost-effective route regarding its goaltenders for the time being? As noted above, they could trade for Ullmark, let him play the last year of his deal, and have him factor in as a 1A ahead of Devon Levi while Luukkonen walks, and may create enough room for Reinhart. 

At this point, it would still be tough to see Reinhart coming back to Buffalo, but we have seen countless NHL general managers make room for star players to join, or in this case, it would be to rejoin their team, so it’s still worth mentioning. And with 53 goals through 78 games this season, the idea is at least more than worth considering. 

Yes, it would take some player movement, but imagine a Buffalo Sabres team with Tage Thompson, Jeff Skinner, Alex Tuch, Sam Reinhart, JJ Peterka, and a healthy Jack Quinn. On paper, that’s one of the best top-sixes in the game, not to mention Dylan Cozens, Zach Benson, and Jordan Greenway would round out a formidable top-nine. 


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