3 forwards the Sabres must stay away from in NHL free agency

The Buffalo Sabres should be in the hunt for a forward in NHL free agency, but there are a few they should stay away from at all costs.
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Yakov Trenin, Colorado Avalanche

If there is one thing Yakov Trenin would give the Sabres, it’s that there may not be another center in this free agent class who could deliver body check after body check. Trenin could also put up 12-plus goals per campaign - not bad for who would be a lower-liner in Buffalo - and he’s good at being disruptive when an opponent has the puck, with 44 takeaways this season. 

A few more accolades for Trenin come at even strength, as he logged a solid 51.5 Corsi For, a 94.1 on-ice save percentage, and he was on the ice for a stellar 41 goals. No, Trenin neither scores much nor does he contribute primary and secondary assists, but he’s nonetheless productive. 

Overall, Trenin wouldn’t be a bad signing, but this is a case where there would be quite a few better centers available who play a more well-rounded game. Trenin wouldn’t add as much depth scoring even if he finds the back of the net more than one would think, but the Sabres already have someone with a similar style and potential in Peyton Krebs. If the restricted free agent returns to Buffalo this season, there is no reason for the Sabres to have such identical players. 

The Sabres also need someone who can be consistent in winning faceoffs, and Trenin also hasn’t done that, with a faceoff win percentage of 45.0 this season - 220 draws. I wouldn’t consider Trenin a bad signing if he wound up in Buffalo, but the Sabres need more. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference)