If Buffalo wants a top six scorer, it'll have to be via trade

2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft - First Round
2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft - First Round / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

We have talked about how this offseason was going to be crucial for the Buffalo Sabres. In addition, there has been discussion about general manager Kevyn Adams and his future. For free agency, it was going to be vital for Adams. It's very possible that this could be his last chance for turning around this franchise.

If it is, it's not a great start. The Sabres did sign some free agents, but they were for the depth on the roster. A couple of months ago, Buffalo's GM said he was hoping to add a top six scorer. Looking at the free agency class, it was loaded with talent. If there was a time to cash in, it was this one.

However, as July 1st started, names were flying off the board but none to Buffalo. Players like Steven Stamkos, Jake DeBrusk, Tyler Bertuzzi and Jonathan Marchessault were just a few of those names. As each name signed elsewhere, Buffalo's chances of landing one got slimmer and slimmer.

At the end of the day, they got no one. While there are other players still available, I think you can cross free agency off the list of players to sign for the top six. There are fans who are frustrated and for good reason, but the Sabres could still get a top six scorer. It would just have to happen via trade.

As I mentioned earlier, it seems like free agency was for improving the depth on the team and players for the Rochester Americans. While fans are annoyed, trading is still on the table. Buffalo has the assets to make a trade happen.

With how many prospects and young talent they have, I would not be surprised if new head coach Lindy Ruff gets a solidified player to help out his roster. Only time will tell what Adams can do for Ruff but to those fans who are frustrated right now, let's see if Adams does something before the season starts.