NHL Standings ranked by regulation wins: Buffalo Sabres actually kind of rock

The Buffalo Sabres still have one of the lowest points totals in the NHL, but they are surprisingly decent vs. the rest of the league in regulation wins.
Jan 18, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA;  Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen (1) celebrates
Jan 18, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA; Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen (1) celebrates / Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

After 15 weeks, the Buffalo Sabres still can’t seem to climb out of the bottom-third of the Eastern Conference standings in terms of points. But it doesn’t mean they haven’t been one of the better teams in the league elsewhere, such as regulation wins. 

While the metric doesn’t decide who makes the playoffs, it’s worth noting just how much better the Blue and Gold are performing than some shoo-ins for the postseason. Below, you will see that Buffalo is actually in the top half vs. the Eastern Conference and the NHL, showing us that they aren’t residing near the bottom of the standings in every category. 

Which playoff contenders do the Sabres rank ahead of through 15 weeks of the NHL regular season in regulation wins? There is one team in particular located about 90 minutes away that the Sabres have gotten the best of twice this season.

Buffalo Sabres rank surprisingly high in regulation wins

  1. Vancouver Canucks: 29
  2. Winnipeg Jets: 27
  3. Colorado Avalanche: 26
  4. Florida Panthers: 24
  5. New York Rangers: 24
  6. Boston Bruins: 23
  7. Edmonton Oilers: 21
  8. Carolina Hurricanes: 20
  9. Dallas Stars: 20
  10. Vegas Golden Knights: 20
  11. Los Angeles Kings: 20
  12. Tampa Bay Lightning: 19
  13. New Jersey Devils: 19
  14. Nashville Predators: 19
  15. Detroit Red Wings: 18
  16. Buffalo Sabres: 18
  17. St. Louis Blues: 18
  18. Pittsburgh Penguins: 18
  19. Arizona Coyotes: 17
  20. Calgary Flames: 17
  21. Philadelphia Flyers: 17
  22. Washington Capitals: 16
  23. Seattle Kraken: 15
  24. Toronto Maple Leafs: 15
  25. Minnesota Wild: 14
  26. Ottawa Senators: 14
  27. New York Islanders: 14
  28. Anaheim Ducks: 10
  29. Montreal Canadiens: 10
  30. Columbus Blue Jackets: 9
  31. Chicago Blackhawks: 9
  32. San Jose Sharks: 9

As you can see, the Buffalo Sabres are ironically tied at 15th in the league with the Detroit Red Wings, a team we often compare them to because of Kevyn Adams’ and Steve Yzerman’s opposite approaches in building the respective organizations’ on-ice product. And while the Sabres are near the bottom of the points standings in the East, it’s still at least somewhat refreshing to know they’re not one of the worst in the league in at least one metric.


(Information provided by Hockey-Reference)