Projecting which Sabres players will receive contract extensions in the 2024 offseason

The Sabres will have a few players eligible for contract extensions on July 1st, and if recent history says anything, look for a few of them to sign a deal.
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The Buffalo Sabres have a few notable players from last season’s group who will be eligible to sign a contract extension come July 1st, and each has provided value to the team when they suited up last season. Of course, because of potential cap restraints that will catch up with the Sabres in future seasons, not everyone will sign on the dotted line this summer, but general manager Kevyn Adams has been adamant in the past about retaining his current talent. 

Tage Thompson, Mattias Samuelsson, Owen Power, and Rasmus Dahlin all received extensions either during the summer or shortly before the regular season began, so perhaps two more players from the list below and in the following slides will hear their respective names called. 

Just one word of note: This article will not include players who are currently in Rochester, so those who spent time with the big club but would technically be eligible, like Devon Levi, for example, won’t be listed. It will also only include players who will be eligible for an extension starting on July 1st, 2024. 

Jordan Greenway

We saw a much better version of Jordan Greenway this past season, and it would be easy to see Kevyn Adams bringing him back to the team at some point. His points total increased to 28 this season, a 17-point difference from what he accrued in 2022-23, when he spent 45 games with the Minnesota Wild and 17 with the Sabres. 

Greenway also became the physical force that helped the Sabres dramatically increase their physicality from 14.2 hits per game in 2022-23 to 21.7 per this past season, and that’s huge for the team going forward. The Sabres also trusted Greenway with much more ice time, as he finished with a career-best 17:15 per game, and he also stood up for numerous teammates. 

But Greenway doesn’t provide the game-changing impact that a few other names gave the Sabres this past season. So he’s likely on the low-priority list this summer, though it’s impossible to rule out a potential extension at some point in the season if he keeps playing well.