Projecting which Sabres players will receive contract extensions in the 2024 offseason

The Sabres will have a few players eligible for contract extensions on July 1st, and if recent history says anything, look for a few of them to sign a deal.
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Jack Quinn

Jack Quinn would be a shoo-in to receive an extension in the summer of 2024, or at least shortly before the season began, but it would be a bad idea for him to sign anything more than a bridge contract following a season full of injuries. Sure, he looked stellar when healthy, and it shows us a preview of what we will see from Quinn in his age-23 season, but he must prove he can stay healthy for all of 2024-25. 

We don’t need to worry about Quinn’s productivity, as it will be there next season, and it shouldn’t surprise any of us if he exceeds expectations once more. If that’s the case, but he struggles with injuries again, Kevyn Adams will likely keep him around on a bridge deal. Yet if he stays healthy, that’s when a potential long-term deal will factor in. 

But you can also put an asterisk beside ‘long-term’ in some scenarios since if the Sabres sign another forward and keep the rest of the team intact, sooner than later, their cap space will dwindle at least for a season or two. If that is the case, Quinn may find himself in a battle with a teammate for who will snag that extension, a struggle he isn’t winning just yet.