One prospect for the Sabres to sell and two players to buy at the trade deadline

With a 29-29-4 record and 62 points, the Buffalo Sabres may be out of the running, but there are enough young players to trade for to keep building this young team.

Philadelphia Flyers v Buffalo Sabres
Philadelphia Flyers v Buffalo Sabres / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Sabres need to sell players like Erik Johnson and get something out of them while they can, but when you look at how much cap space they have, their offseason could come early. Buffalo can make some serious noise at the deadline as buyers without intending to contend in 2023-24 and instead bring in assets for 2024-25. 

It’s not something you see often, with contenders looking to trade quite a few assets for rentals who will be in yet another different uniform come October, while those expecting to contend two or three years from today will add high draft picks and star prospects. 

But just because the aforementioned method is what most of the pro hockey universe pays attention to in early March, it is not the only way. Given the Sabres situation as a young team that still has enough room to keep adding to the core, plus quite a few prominent youngsters in the rumor mill, general manager Kevyn Adams needs to at least pick up the phone. 

Sabres can take a more counterintuitive route near the 2024 trade deadline

The names listed below are all productive players, whether they have spent ample time in the NHL or have yet to regularly contribute in the big league. While there is just one prospect listed below, it does not indicate that they would be the only one going elsewhere should a situation arise where Adams traded for the two young but potential-laden players listed. 

But the Sabres have a prospect pool that’s stacked well enough to give away a few names who are at least seven months away from playing in the NHL for young, established talent. And why not? Our two players to buy haven’t just garnered sound NHL experience; they have also been successful in their young careers.