One prospect for the Sabres to sell and two players to buy at the trade deadline

With a 29-29-4 record and 62 points, the Buffalo Sabres may be out of the running, but there are enough young players to trade for to keep building this young team.
Philadelphia Flyers v Buffalo Sabres
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Prospect to sell: Matt Savoie

It was painful to list Matt Savoie here since he has a remarkable future in this league a year or two from today, and ideally, you want to see it in Buffalo. But let’s face the fact: The Sabres will be in win-now mode next season, and everyone, from Don Granato to Kevyn Adams, knows what will be at stake. 

Therefore, Adams, Granato, and company need to ask themselves, “Does an A-prospect like Matt Savoie help us in the short run?” The answer is a likely ‘no,’ unlike a few “untouchable” names like Jiri Kulich, Devon Levi, and potentially Isak Rosen, who could be in Buffalo next year. 

This leaves Savoie as the odd man out, given his overall productivity at the junior level and in his limited AHL experience. A team like the Anaheim Ducks would jump at a chance to trade Zegras to Buffalo if Savoie was part of the trade package, and it would work as a win-win. 

Buffalo gets a player who would help them win immediately, especially if there are jobs at stake next season. Meanwhile, Savoie can spend a year further developing his game in the AHL for an organization that won’t compete for a playoff spot until at least 2025-26.