Rasmus Dahlin's milestone is the latest example of the dominant player he's become

Rasmus Dahlin seems to be setting new milestones every season, and he just added an incredible one in Tuesday night’s game in Dallas.
Apr 9, 2024; Dallas, Texas, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman Rasmus Dahlin (26) celebrates after
Apr 9, 2024; Dallas, Texas, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman Rasmus Dahlin (26) celebrates after / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rasmus Dahlin may not have accumulated as many points as he had last season, but he’s nonetheless impressed us again in 2023-24, this time in the goal-scoring realm. Despite the Buffalo Sabres falling to the mighty Dallas Stars, Dahlin scored his 20th goal of the year, extending a career-high, and he may not be finished just yet. 

This makes Dahlin one of very few defensemen in team history to find the net at least 20 times in a single season and the first in nearly 35 years to attain the milestone. It’s safe to say Dahlin, 23, isn’t even close to unlocking his full potential, and that is a scary thought, considering what he’s done over the past three seasons, setting new milestones every year since the 2021-22 campaign began. 

Rasmus Dahlin provides yet another bright spot despite Sabres loss

While there is no hope at this point for the Blue and Gold to make the playoffs, players like Dahlin at least provide a beacon for the future. Yes, that means yet another season without the playoffs, but there will come a time when this team matures. And Dahlin’s efforts won’t just be bright spots in otherwise bleak situations; they will be game-changers that will give the Sabres more than enough two-point outings to reach that elusive playoff spot. 

Now, it’s all about ending the season on a high note and hoping that this time, the momentum carries into October. If Dahlin finds the net a few more times over the next three games, he will only help the Sabres cause. 

It will be exciting to watch Dahlin and a few others who have come around as of late as the season nears its conclusion. The 2023-24 campaign was far from a successful one - let’s be real - but now that the Sabres should no longer be one of the youngest and least experienced teams for 2024-25 and beyond, it will be players like Dahlin who will ultimately be responsible for this organization to turn the corner for years to come. 


(Statistics provided by ESPN.com)