2 reasons why the Sabres must strongly consider bringing back Lindy Ruff and 2 reasons why they shouldn’t

Former Buffalo Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff is a free agent after the Devils relieved him of his duties on Monday. Should the Blue and Gold make the bold move?

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Why they should: Lindy Ruff has a proven track record as a head coach

Lindy Ruff is one of the better coaches of the late-20th century, and he’s still a respected name here in 2024. His career with the Devils did not end the way anybody wanted to envision it, but he will be a hot name among the coaching candidates this offseason. One reason is that he has a proven track record as a successful head coach for not one, not two, but three NHL franchises. 

Ruff also has over two decades of NHL head coaching experience, and that doesn’t come unless one has proven themselves as a winner time and again as the game changes. Professional hockey is a different entity today than it was when Ruff first took over the Sabres in the 1997-98 season, and he’s adapted well as the game continues to evolve in every single stop he’s made, whether it's Buffalo, Dallas, or Newark.

Coaches who can routinely keep up with the game’s current trends, should they maintain a strong track record, will always warrant strong consideration. So if Buffalo were to make a coaching change to bring Ruff back to the team in the same capacity, they are getting somebody who the game has never passed up.