3 reasons why trading Casey Mittelstadt would still make no sense for the Sabres

Casey Mittelstadt has been one of the most productive members of the Sabres over the past two seasons, and he is not under a long-term contract.
Feb 10, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA;  Buffalo Sabres center Casey Mittelstadt (37) takes a shot on
Feb 10, 2024; Buffalo, New York, USA; Buffalo Sabres center Casey Mittelstadt (37) takes a shot on / Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports
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Since Casey Mittelstadt is not under a long-term contract with the Sabres, and thanks to his productivity, it’s easy to see why he’s the subject of trade rumors. And while the Sabres most likely aren’t landing a playoff spot, it makes sense for them to sell at the deadline, so naturally, since Mittelstadt is their greatest asset, he would likely bring in sound compensation.

However, this doesn’t mean it makes sense to move the 25-year-old, even if players like Erik Johnson, Victor Olofsson, and Zemgus Girgensons could go elsewhere with little if any criticism from the fan base. But if Mittelstadt garners a high draft pick and even a few more prospects, why not move him? 

Clearly, it seems as though the current system in place hasn’t worked in the Sabres favor, given their meager 48 points this season. While you can make a compelling case to move the former first-round pick, the bad outweighs the good when you dig deeper.

The Sabres have enough prospects and draft picks, and they don’t need more

The Blue and Gold’s prospect pool is still among the NHL’s best, and thanks to a few strong drafts courtesy of general manager Kevyn Adams, it’s only going to get stronger as many of them won’t be full-time Sabres. So why trade for another first, or even a second-round pick, plus more high-end prospects for Mittelstadt?

Such an approach is only going to overflow the already jam-packed pool full of one too many prospects and picks, which makes Mittelstadt much more valuable to a young team like the Sabres. It would make far more sense if Buffalo moved Mittelstadt to somewhere that offered them at least one seasoned veteran, but there is no logic in that if we’re talking about trading with a contender. 

Overall, Mittelstadt just wouldn’t bring in a desired return at the present moment. It would be one thing if he were in his late-twenties and the Sabres were tearing down the current lineup to build a barren prospects pool, but that’s far from the case.