3 recently traded pending free agents who would ignite the Buffalo Sabres in 2024-25

The Buffalo Sabres need to make a major splash in NHL free agency, and perhaps recently traded players could be the answer for the Blue and Gold.
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Vladimir Tarasenko would weaken a division rival

This would be another case where the Sabres roll with a veteran who wouldn’t be on board long, but they would still bring value. Much like Adam Henrique, Vladimir Tarasenko would add more physical play, but as a winger instead of a center and also more likely on the third line. 

Sure, this would raise the question over who would play center, though we know it would be either a call-up, like Jiri Kulich or Matt Savoie, or if Kevyn Adams brought someone in from the outside. Also, like Henrique, Tarasenko would be in the City of Good Neighbors as a depth scorer, something we could even see from Zach Benson and the Mystery Center in such a scenario. 

Whether it’s someone like Henrique or Tarasenko whom Adams targets in the summer or someone equivalent - remember, the theme here is about players who were recently traded, so there are a lot of equivalent players out there - having a strong, high-scoring top-nine is a real possibility with the Blue and Gold. 

This is assuming head coach Lindy Ruff manages to return the top-six to form and keeps those like JJ Peterka and Jack Quinn playing at a high level. Either way, there are plenty of benefits to adding someone like Tarasenko to the wing, or Henrique to play center.