Rookie sensation tops Tier III in the Sabres Top 24 and under rankings

The Buffalo Sabres have a few dynamic players listed in Tier III of the Top 24 and under rankings, so which rookie sensation is pacing the field?
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11: Jiri Kulich, F/Rochester/Sabres

Jiri Kulich saw just one game in Buffalo, but don’t let that one-off appearance lead you to believe he took a step back or stagnated and, therefore, belonged in Rochester. Kulich is yet another player in these rankings who could find themselves on the team full-time in October, or as mentioned in previous pieces, he could be another trade asset. 

But when you look at his overall scope of work, he ranks higher than the likes of Matthew Savoie and Isak Rosen, among others. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I finally made my decision on which forward I felt should be ranked ahead of the other. 

Kulich was once again phenomenal at the World Juniors and played as Team Czechia’s captain. He also handled the part well, scoring six goals and 12 points in seven games, but Kulich also made his mark with the Amerks with an outstanding 27 goals. 

Overall, he could be the front-runner of all prospects battling for a spot for the upcoming season if Kevyn Adams leaves a few forward spots open on the big club. But there is one more prospect who may have even more upside. They won’t likely beat out Kulich in the preseason, but there is a good chance they ultimately win out in the long run.