Sabres MVP leads the Top 24 and under rankings following a turbulent season

A few of the Buffalo Sabres four best players in the Top 24 and under rankings could be cornerstones of what is still a young team for 2024-25.
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1 - Rasmus Dahlin, D/Sabres

Like most Sabres players, Rasmus Dahlin also took a step back in points, but he still ended the year with 39 assists and 20 goals scored. If you want more fun, Dahlin was one of just four defensemen in the NHL to hit the 20-goal threshold, and with that number increasing each season, there is little doubt that he could hit between the 23 and 25-goal mark for 2024-25. 

Dahlin tied for second in the league with 14 even strength goals among defensemen, and he was also fifth in average time on ice at 25:25 and first in the same category but at even strength, averaging 21:13 per game among all players who saw time in at least 20 games this season. 

Through all of these accomplishments, Dahlin also grew into arguably the Blue and Gold’s most complete player, thanks to his 134 blocks and 195 hits in 81 contests. He had 42 takeaways, and thanks to his overall size, Dahlin is also growing into one of the league’s more intimidating players. 

Dahlin doesn’t just more than clear Tier I in these rankings; he probably hits the same category if we were ranking every player in an NHL system 24 and under. He’s been dominant since the 2021-22 season, and in 2024-25, expect him to set even more milestones. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference)