5 seemingly unreasonable offseason moves that would actually make sense for the Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres need to make some serious moves in the coming months, but let’s look at some counterintuitive options that actually make sense.
Buffalo Sabres v Tampa Bay Lightning
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Trading their first-round picks in 2024 AND 2025 to land a star winger

The Sabres can afford to sacrifice a year or two when it comes to their prospects pool, especially if they can land a star winger who will help them win this season. But the question bodes: Who would trade an established talent for (at least) a pair of first-round picks?

The Sabres must find someone who won’t be competing for a while and entice them with the deal. Unfortunately, the bottom two teams, the Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks, have nobody, but what about Frank Vatrano from the Anaheim Ducks?

Vatrano is heading into his age-30 season, so he’s not exactly young, but he also put up 37 goals on a terrible hockey team. He also brought in a career-high 18:21 of average total ice time, logged 78 blocks, and 156 hits - the latter of which the Sabres can definitely use among their forward group. 

Few have been forced into such a poor situation like Johnny Gaudreau, who has more than made the most of his time with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He scored just 12 goals last season, but he also accounted for 48 helpers. He’s not physical in the same way Vatrano is, but Gaudreau is either making plays or putting others in a position to make them. He may not be worth a pair of first-rounders, but if the Sabres hypothetically traded for him, they would likely give up a first.

Earlier in the month, we also discussed Pavel Buchnevich, plus a trio of youngsters Kevyn Adams would be wise to consider acquiring, so there is a plethora of options at the helm if the general manager is cool about parting ways with a few picks.