3 most surprising Sabres players in 2023-24

The Buffalo Sabres may have surprised its fans with a disappointing season, but a few Sabres players surprised us for the better.
Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs
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JJ Peterka led the Sabres in goals at several points in 2023-24

At the beginning of the 2023-24 season, nobody had JJ Peterka sitting just two games from a top-four finish on the team in points. Peterka is ahead of players who produced at a high level last season, such as Dylan Cozens and Jeff Skinner, both of whom we figured would beat him in points production. And you could even put Owen Power into the conversation, considering the type of season he had last year.

Unless Cozens or Skinner embark on a scoring spree over the last two games, Peterka will hold onto that fourth-place spot with 50-plus points. As of April 12th, he has 28 goals, which ranks just one behind Tage Thompson to tie for the team lead. 

Peterka has made a living this season driving the puck down the wing and outpacing everyone, opponents and teammates alike. Few on the Sabres have moved the puck better, and he’s become a player opponents must expect to take matters into his own hands if he sees an open lane. 

Finishing what has been just his second season in the league, Peterka has yet to hit his prime. And if he and linemate Jack Quinn stay healthy all season, the Sabres top-six could easily return to what it was in 2022-23 and then some after a one-year layoff.